Taking A Chance


Photo by Richard Fishburn Photography 

There are so many sites now that you can find inexpensive clothing.  But is it really worth it?  Well, see that dress in the picture?  I paid 21$ for it at FashionMia and it sells for 75$ on Amazon.  So, yes.  I would say it’s worth it!  There are a few “catches” that you want to keep in mind.  When you purchase from FashionMia or any of the affiliates, they are coming from out of the country.  So make sure that if you are buying a dress for a special occasion that you give yourself at least 2 weeks for delivery.  Also, yes.  They do run small.  I am a size 4 and I purchase a small.  So a bit on the small size or “true to size”.  But do we really know what that is?  LOL.  It is worth the surf?  Absolutely!  Especially when you are looking to save a few bucks!  I always have at least five search windows up on my computer when I am shopping for a shoot!  Keynote: Start at Salvation Army.  I can almost, 95% of the time find something there.  Then work your way up the ladder!  But if I am looking for something more specific, to the web I go!

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