How Do You Wear Healthy?

636133066894694034-1920661807_o-vs-perfect-body-facebookMost women have this horrible misconception that “healthy” means size 2 or even 0.  I truly beg to differ.  We need to understand that first, healthy encompasses more than just eating right.  Not only should you be healthy in body, but healthy in mind and soul as well.  When you have a well rounded grasp on “healthiness”,  you will absolutely glow!

Every BODY wears healthy differently.  It is about time that women start embracing their God given body and celebrate the difference between each and every one of us!  It is time for women to go to the mirror and start focusing on the positive instead of criticizing the negative.  The questions isn’t “what size are you?”  It is more the question of are you healthy?  Nurture not only your body; but your mind and your soul.  Make sure to have a balance.

For you are not a body who has a spirit with a soul.  But rather a soul that has a spirit in a body.

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