Why Women’s Rights?


First and foremost, before I proceed with this post, I must disclose that this is entirely my opinion and in no way shape or form passes judgment on those who have different views. I respect each and every woman and their opinions, whether I feel that they are right or wrong.

I feel that it is not necessarily about women’s demand for “rights”, rather women’s demand for “respect”. We already have rights. We have the right to vote. We have the right to work alongside men. We are doctors, lawyers, politicians. And we sometimes may do it better than men. But to me, what it comes down to is the abilities that we have as women that men DO NOT have. The ability to CREATE a human life inside of us. The maternal ability to nurture our children straight from out bodies. I am a woman and also a lady. I take pride in the fact that my power derives from my beauty as a woman. Women are beautiful creatures. Embrace it in a dignified way. I care for myself. I respect myself. And in turn, I demand respect from others. Which will be earned when you present yourself in a fashion that yields no choice but respect from others. THIS, if I were to “march”, would be where my focal point would be. Respect. Yet, we must remember this, respect is earned. So when you utilize your right as an American to use your freedom of speech, remember, that if you are not worthy of respect, you will not get it. And when you represent yourself as a generalized whole for women everywhere in American, be careful. Take heed in what your image is. For I will not allow you to march for me if you do not earn the respect that women fought so hard to achieve. 

I am not one to fuss about politics very often. But sometimes I just have to say my peace. Ugh. Ladies be ladies. Doesn’t mean that we can’t be heard, but for the love of God, have some poise. Grace. Dignity. We have completely lost what it is to be a lady. Stop confusing rights with respect. I don’t want to be equal to a man. Because I am not. I have my own set of super powers. And I like it that way.

We are indeed women. And let’s not lose sight of that wonderful privilege. I celebrate myself daily. And I also embrace each women with respect, poise and encompassing love. Because if we are going to not only march, but stand for anything. It should simply be respect. But first, we must earn it.

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