Who’s Eyes are you seeing with?


I catch a glimpse of her
Staring me up and down
Her face a furrowed brow
No emotion at first just a frown
She looks closer at me
A disgusted look on her face
Shaking her head she looks away
Whispers “you better pick up the pace”
She looks back with an evil glare
Mocking my every move
An expecting look
As if I have something to prove
Never good enough
She is always wanting more
Her standards always so high
Cutting me to the core
Someday I will make her happy
But it’s seems that’s not today
How can I even start
When she’s looking at me that way
Smoothing her shirt and her hips
As if to tell me I’m not enough
Healthy is going to be hard
But this weight is really rough
I am determined to change her look
The reflection that I see
For when I step closer I finally realize
That person judging harshly is me
Always our worse critic
We evaluate every flaw
We can always tell us like it is
Real, rigid and raw
But what if I change my view
And decide to be my best
Show up everyday
And let God do the rest
I will see myself through God’s eyes
No longer through my jaded own
It’s now what I haven’t done yet
But more how far I’ve grown
I now see my potential
And a purpose that he has given
As they say you have a choice
Get busy dying or get busy livin’
Each day I will stand before
The very person that looks at me
Tell her with much conviction
“Be the best person that you can be”. JDB

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